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20% to 40% on their utility bills
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From a 100 year old farm home to a mansion

Energy Doctor

Energy Doctor, located in Ankeny, Iowa, has been providing energy efficient products in and around Iowa for almost 25 years. We work very closely with the utility companies to help people save money on their utility bills in Iowa, and have also helped homeowners in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Our purpose is to educate the public on what you they can do to save money and conserve energy, offering energy saving products, such as the Iowa Energy Saving Package, Energy Guard and Solar Attic Fans, to meet those needs.

Iowa Energy Savings Package

Find out if your house is heating and cooling efficiently. Learn how you can save money on your utility bills! Help prolong the life of your roof, deck and shingles. Help eliminate hot and cold spots throughout your home.

Energy Saving Products